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Gas system(Fike)
  • Gas system(Fike)

Gas system(Fike)

The HFC - 227 EA (UL listed and FM Approved) manufactured by FIKE, is the top choice for clean agent suppression systems, and with FIKE's system we offer greater coverage - faster and more effectively - than any other manufacturer which minimal damages and disaster for your business that in addition, HFC - 227 EA is the world's most widely accepted replacement for halon 1301 plus the U.S environmental protection agency named it a non-ozone depleting agent. Fike cylinders can store 8 to 1045 pound of clean agent. In addition to HFC 227 EA Gas System , Fire protection Systems Supplies a variety of special hazard systems for your applications , including CO2 System (UL listed & FM approved ) inergen gas systems and water mist systems.
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